Sunday, January 25, 2009


As requested:

1. Figure 8*
2. Square knot*
3. Slip knot*
4. Overhand knot*
5. Steveador’s knot*
6. Fisherman’s knot*
7. Packers knot*
8. Clove Hitch*
9. Half hitch
10. Miller’s know*
11. Bow for shoe
12. Bowline
13. Double half hitch
14. Sheepshank
15. Lariat
16. Slippery Half
17. Surgeon’s Knot
18. Farmers (Binder twine)
19. Reef knot
20. Alpine Butterfly
21. Water knot
22. Sheetbend
23. Timber Hitch

The first 10 are to be memorized for the know races so work on those for sure!

If you wish to use other knots on your boards, feel free to do whatever you want, but you MUST include the first 10.

See you all on Monday!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bottle Drive

Who: All Pathfinders and Adventurers!
What: New Years Bottle Drive
Where: Meet at Dommano and Malisapina
When: Sunday Jan 4 @ 1pm to 3pm

Looks like great weather to make a good collection of after-New years bottles.
Should be a great fund raiser! See you there!