Sunday, October 25, 2009

Geocaching Friends

If you have signed up for a geocaching ID, it might be a good idea to change you profile to add friend requests.

To do that sign into your account, go to "MyAccount Detail".  Near the bottom there is a section called "My Account Preferences".  In that area, find "Friend Requests" and change that to allow.  Then we can befriend all others in the club.

Bottle Drive Canceled

Bottle drive canceled due to snow/rain.  We'll make this one up later...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oct 31 Fun night!

We will be having a fun & games night at the school.  There will be some snacks provided, but bring a snack for you and a friend and there will be lots to go arround.

We will set the Wii consoles up in the higher class and will have some contests.

Come and enjoy a happy non-halloween evening with your friends.

No Costumes please!

Tie Dye Shirt Update

Please try and get 100% cotton T-Shirts for dyeing.  Any polyester and the dye will not hold in the cloth.

For Oct 26th, please wear grubbies NO FIELD UNIFORM!!!!
Also, if you have long rubber gloves, like the ones used for washing dishes, please bring a pair.

Fund Raisers

Orange and Grapefruit sales are going fast!!!  3/4 are already sold.  Only about 25 boxes remain.  Call Karen with names of who wants what before we are sold out!

Chocolate Almond sales going strong, only a few boxes left.

Oh and start bringing your craft items for the Harvest Sale to the clubhouse. (forgot this one on last post)

Evangelistic meetings postponed

Due to some issues with presenters, the Evangelistic Meetings that the kids were working on has been postponed.  At this time it looks like it will run in February.
We'll keep you posted.

Monday, October 12, 2009

News Updates and Mailing List.

I have just added the option of having our news Blog (this page) e-mail our ClubNews mailing list every time there is an update. 

This should ensure that you always know what is happening with the club (provided you check your e-mail).

I hope everyone is enjoying your Thanks Giving Weekend.

Weather Honor Sheet

There is a PDF available on our site for the weather honor sheet.
    Weather Tracking Chart (Canadian).pdf
Use the 2nd page as your tracking page as that is the layout Mrs. Toombs wanted.
Download and print it and start tracking!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Camping list!

Friday at 3:30pm at the clubhouse!!! 
To bring:
Sleeping mat. Sleeping bag. Extra blanket(s). Day pack. Water bottle.
Fleece pants. Hoodie. Winter coat. Wool socks. Gloves. Hat. Hiking boots. Chapstick
Bible. Flashlight. Toilet paper. Ziplock bags (lg).
Meals (enough food for):
Friday night (ie. hotdogs, soup)
Sabbath breakfast - EGGS
- Lunch will be supplied with member contributions as per Karen
Supper (ie, burittos fruit pies)
Sunday breakfast - Potato
Trail mix. Garnola bars.

Come prepared for fun!!!!

Oct 5 - Bottles Due

Your discovery bottle and list are due in class on Oct 5th.

Oct 4th Update

The Inside work bee at the Clubhouse has been cancelled.
In its stead, we will finish up the field at Willowbirch when we get back from camping.