Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crystallized Columns in the Cariboo EarthCache GC11ABR

I have posted my answer to the cache owner and have included it in the post here.  DO NOT COPY IT WORD FOR WORD!!!  Please post a note to the cache owner BEFORE posting the find on 
-- PGgeodude
1. Using the surrounding landscape contours and the fact that the columnar joints form perpendicular to the flow of lava, guestimate what general direction the lava was flowing.

From the lines of the hill, I would guess that the lava flowed SSW and the leading edge is what is now exposed. The comment in the description about the columns being perpendicular to the flow leads me to think that the flow may have been WNW. I think I will stick with SSW. I would be interested in additional information on that.

I did look up Devils Tower. Very interesting site. Thank you for the Earth cache.

2. Post at least one picture of the columns and your GPS.
3. Indicate in your log the number of people in your group.
This was posted for our group by PGNighthawks.
Our group was:
PGgeodude, PGbuizel, PGjewel, PGraisen, 1JAM, lilyhopper, tnerraw, tinker2689, 3toedmystery, swiftarrow, trisso3, lavender dragonfly. I hope I got everyone...
That was an awsome adventure. And to get "Above & Beyond" Platinum was an awsome feat.

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